We Buy Houses: Choosing the Right Home Buyer


‘We Buy Homes’ is the mantra of property agents to help those looking for buyers who can buy homes in an ‘As Is’ condition. While most of these companies offer a genuine solution and are usually honest and reliable, still the homeowners need to be able to distinguish the good from the bad and choose the right home buying company that works professionally and helps with their specific situation.

We Buy Houses Choosing the Right Home Buyer

Home buying companies are direct buyers as against Real estate agencies that only help find a buyer for your house, which usually takes a lot of time. Additionally, to make a sale, Real estate companies want the house in a neat and presentable condition. You will have to invest money to repair, clean and paint the house so that it looks more presentable. However, as a prospective seller, you may not want the additional burden and expenses associated with renovations and repairs. Moreover, Houston real estate agencies would charge a fee and commission for listing your house on their website and helping you find buyers. The fee or commission would be around 6%, which is definitely quite a big amount.

Approaching direct homes for sale in Missouri City TX companies can help you relieve yourself of many of these problems. First off, if you are looking for “buy my house now” option, these home buying companies can help you. They are direct buyers and not mere representatives who help you find buyers, so you are saving time by contacting the direct buyer. In addition, as you have approached direct buyers yourself, you also can keep the commission those real estate agents would have charged, now that’s a saving of about 6%.

The greatest benefit is that these companies buy houses in any condition, ugly or pretty. This relieves you of a much bigger challenge of investing time and money in getting minor to major issues of the house fixed. They also make an offer and honor it by paying in full cash; saving your time and helping those who are in immediate need of cash.

These companies, offer several great advantages. However, when identifying one you must make sure that the company has the experience, reputation and the professional integrity to offer the benefits that a typical home buying company promises.

Always work with a professional company that works out of a professional office and not with a start-up team that just started out in the Real estate business.  Home buying is a complex business, buying homes in an ‘As Is’ condition – home buying company needs to have extensive knowledge on properties and other associated legal aspects. Without knowledge of these aspects, they may not be able to estimate the value of your house properly and make a competitive offer. On the other hand, reputable home buying companies with a decade of experience understand every aspect of home buying business and can properly estimate the value of your house and make a competitive price offer.

Reputable home buying companies employ staff that has comprehensive knowledge about the business, making it easy for them to come up with an offer quickly. They visit your home once, make a quick inspection of the house, and can arrive at an estimate, as they have been doing this for more than 10 years and have dealt with more than 1200 homes. Someone just starting out of their basement, may not have the knowledge or the expertise to come up with estimates and a competitive offer right away.

Fast home buying companies have professional connections with a wide network of home repair and renovators that help repair the properties and sell for a profit. Now, this makes sense as to why these companies buy homes in any condition. They invest lot of money to buy houses in bulk and also to get them repaired. A start-up working out of their basement does not have enough funds or the professional network to help them with buying houses in any condition. In addition, they may not make a full cash offer. Now that is sure to make you nervous until you realize the complete offer price.

When looking for a professional home buying company, make sure to visit their offices personally, and check their credentials and references to see how long have then been in this business. Talk to their staff to see if they are knowledgeable enough to estimate the value of your house properly and make a competitive offer.

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