How to Go About Selling My Home


Entwined into these situational occurrences is when you are seeking to sell your house and you are enquiring and finding out about how to go about selling my home in a quick turnaround time like 7 days and more than anything, you are looking to “sell my home” in the existing condition to cash home buyers in Washington, DC or Virginia, where you reside.

How to Go About Selling My HomeSo, the next step would obviously be finding different ways of how to go about selling your house. But before we explore that, let us look at some factors that nudge you in this direction in the first place:

What makes you Sell Your House “As Is” and in 7 days?

a)  Growing older is natural and there is no escape from that. But, with age, we also slow down or face health issues which range from manageable to not. Therefore, if you are feeling the strain of old age and an uncertain future, and you do not have any help or your children don’t live nearby, you feel it all the more. Also, the house you own needs to be maintained, repaired and taken care of. And this is also affecting you. You feel that the rest of your life should be spent comfortably and not be hassled by everyday chores. You consider moving into an assisted living facility near where your daughter lives in Washington, DC and you take the decision to sell your house “As Is” to a house buying company. Before you know it, you get a competitive offer; you have sold your house fast for cash and all within 7 days.

b)  You are moving to another state on a dream assignment. It is too good to let go. But even though it is a catch of a lifetime, there is a certain heaviness as you will have to move out of familiar locales where you have pretty much spent most parts of your life. Along with planning on relocation and ironing out all things to be taken care of, you are also thinking of what to do with your inherited home. Yes. It has been with your family for decades. But, it is old and requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance as the years’ go by. Getting into landlording wouldn’t really work and you can’t just leave it locked as it would destroy the house. And not to forget, you have to finish all formalities before you leave. After a lot of thought, you decide, the best way forward is to sell your inherited home in Virginia to cash home buyers who will assuredly make a competitive offer and to whom you can sell your house As-Is and before you know it, you can sell your house fast in 7 days and you will get all cash for your house too. You can put the money away and move on to the next exciting chapter of your life.

How to go about Selling Your Home?

And so how to go about selling your home, there are many options you can explore:

Yes, “real estate agents” are always an option. But this conventional route can take anywhere from 6-12 months or more to sell your house owing to the real estate market, availability, pricing etc. And even after waiting this long, nothing is really assured. Be it the price or the time.

.  If going through “Realtors”, keep in mind that your house has to be spruced up to attract prospective home buyers and this will entail a lot of time and money.

.  You have to keep in mind, that there is at least a 6% commission that you have to pay your “real estate agent” at the end of the sale.

If time, money and the wait period is not appealing to you, what best? You rely on fast house buyers who will buy your house “As Is” in any condition, whether pretty or ugly, old or new and will pay cash for house in 7 days too!

.  If you are in the quest for selling your home, then this route is a fast and quick option. A reliable house buying company in Washington, DC or Virginia will make a competitive offer and after the paperwork will buy your house, and pay cash for houses in as little as 7 days.

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