Pros and Cons of Using an Executive Office Space

Pros and Cons of Using an Executive Office Space

An executive office space is a smaller office space with all the basic amenities needed to conduct business. Most of the amenities are shared between tenants of other executive suites. There are pros and cons to using an executive office space. Consider these if you are planning to lease one.

Pros of using an Executive Office Space

Affordable rents –

It is extremely economical to rent an executive office space. You pay only for a small space. You get to use different kinds of amenities needed to run a business at economical rates. You don’t need to bother with arranging large deposit amounts or arranging the rent money for the long-term.

You can continue to sign short-term leases as per your affordability. If you need additional space anytime in the future, you can rent another executive office in the same building.

Flexible lease periods –

You can lease executive offices for very short periods too. You won’t need to sign a long-term lease if that is not your requirement. Depending on the builder’s policies, you will be able to lease a space for an hour, a day, a week, a month, or more.

You can find such office spaces easily in any location by conducting simple online searches. Use keywords such as executive office space Albuquerque or something similar if this city is your location. You can then check websites of property dealers or owners who deal in executive office spaces for rent.

Open for business immediately –

Executive office spaces are furnished and ready to be used for work. Your business can be up and running immediately upon moving into a new executive office space. You won’t need to spend your time or money to make the place equipped for your business.

Availability of front desk personnel –

The access to front desk personnel can be of immense help to small businesses. You may not be able to afford to hire one independently. But you will find that executive offices employ front desk personnel who can help the renters with phone calls, messages, emails, etc.

Professional environment –

You can create a professional-looking office for your business in an affordable manner by opting for an executive office space. Most such office spaces are designed with contemporary décor that can make your office space look professional. You can present a nice office for your clients and business associates.

The value of an office address –

You will be able to use the address of a nice office building or suite as the address of your own office. You can use it on letterheads and for all professional communications.

Opportunities to network –

Small business owners and independent contractors can benefit greatly by networking with other professionals in the same or different business categories. There is no need to go to paid networking events (if you can’t or don’t want to) when you can mingle with other professionals in the vicinity.


Conflicts due to shared amenities –

Shared amenities can lead to conflicts now and then. There can be unreasonable business owners in the vicinity who may act unprofessionally. They may break the equipment; causing trouble for others who use the same facilities. You will need to wait until the problem is fixed to use the equipment.

Someone may create a mess in the common areas and cause hassle for everyone in the facility. You will have to wait for the cleaning personnel to arrive before using the area.

Little flexibility in terms of the office layout –

You also cannot do anything about the office layout or the design. You will need to make do with whatever is available in the executive office space. You may not be able to even bring your own furniture if you wish to do so.

Need to pay extra for additional space –

If you ever require extra space for a bigger meeting or your expanding business, you will need to lease another space. Your rental cost will get higher even if you require additional space only temporarily.

When it comes to using executive office spaces; the pros far outweigh the cons. Look at a few spaces and then make an informed decision about leasing one.

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