How to Sell Your House for Cash in 7 days?


Real estate has become the most lucrative investment in the last few decades. At the same time, it is relatively hard to retrieve cash from a property in urgent situations when you are in dire need of money. Either you can rent out your space or sell it off to fulfill your cash requirement.

If you are starting a business, relocating for a job or shifting to an assisted living facility, it is advisable to sell your home instead of renting it. You can’t rely on the tenants to look after your property as their own and may actually end up incurring heavy losses on its subsequent repairs. Also, the rental amount never suffices when compared to the investment value of your property. Hence, selling off the property is the best option, if you are in need of immediate cash.

Selling a property fast is not that simple in the US. Right from searching prospective buyers to completing paperwork, the road ahead is thorny and challenging. If your property is hereditary or it is an old mansion, the hassle may increase substantially due to title issues and property transfer glitches. So, selling a house through real estate agents is not as easy as it sounds to be.

How to Sell Your House for Cash in 7 days

However, you can seek the services of professional home buyers in the District of Columbia, Virginia, and Maryland to sell your house in 7 days. They are direct buyers who can purchase your property instantly and provide fast cash. Though, they offer a competitive price on the house, but the fact is they can actually pay cash in a week’s time.

How House Buyer Services Work?

It is amazing to see that the house selling process followed by these reputed cash home buyers is completed in just 7 days. Right from the valuation of the property to paying cash for the same, their paperwork finishes faster than your anticipation. Moreover, they buy your home As Is. It means that you do not need to make any repairs, pay duties, taxes, or take care of title issues. The home buying company will take care of all these formalities and you will be offered cash right at your doorstep. Let see how house buyers can offer cash for home guarantee in 7 days.

Filling of Form:

You need to fill the form thoroughly and submit it online or via email to the respective house buying company. This data is deemed to be an invitation to house buyer and they will start their buying process immediately. You can alternatively call them over the phone, if you are not comfortable with filling online forms.

Survey of Property:

After submission of the form, they will send their team of surveyors to assess the value of your house. The team consists of 2-3 people who are experts in this industry and clearly understand the various aspects of a house required for price quotations. They review all angles of the property, including titles, legal documents, duties, etc. You should tell them every detail related to the property to expedite the process of selling your home.


Once the offer is accepted by the homeowner, the house buyers complete the process of collecting all papers and submit the same to the solicitor for further proceedings.

Preparation of Contract:

Once the papers are received by the solicitor and reviewed thoroughly, the company draws a contract for the homeowner. Preparing a written deed in strict accordance with state laws and strict time constraints can be a daunting task, but they do this job brilliantly. After preparing the deed, they send the papers to the homeowner for signature.

Signing of Contract:

The next day, the homeowner will receive the contract. It is advisable to sign the contract after carefully reading the clauses of deed and instructions specified by the solicitor. After signing of the contract, you need to submit the same to the solicitor for further proceeding.

Transfer of Funds:

As soon as the solicitor receives the signed contract from you, he may ask the home buyer company to deposit the full purchase amount to the solicitor’s account.

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