Selling a House As Is: It’s More Profitable than You Think


When you make plans to sell your house, you expect that you will make good profit on its sale. However, there are several factors that need to be considered before you can strike a good deal on your property. First, you will have to spend money on renovating the house to make it look new, as any defect may encourage the buyer to bargain thereby lowering your offer price.

The traditional real estate agents have been lending a helping hand to house owners looking to sell their houses, for a long time now. However, of late, these agents are losing their significance as modern day house owners are looking for a quick fix solution that will allow them to sell home As-Is, ugly or pretty. While, real estate agents require you to fix your house nice and proper as well as resolve any legal or compliance issue that your property might face, house buying companies have no such requirements. They are ready to purchase your home As Is irrespective of its condition and give you cash up front.

As such repairs, and clearing legal, compliance issues take up a lot of money and time, the final sale process may take up to 12 months or more, which is not good for house owners who are strapped for time. In addition, realtors in Katy TX help you sell the house to the right buyer.

Selling a House As Is It's More Profitable than You Think

Sell House As Is Without Incurring Repair Expenses or Realtor Fees

House buyers have come into existence to fill the gap between the realtors’ style of functioning and the demands of house owners who do not want to spend more money on fixing and sprucing up their house. House buyers are a better alternative to real estate agent as they are the actual buyers who buys houses As-Is in any condition, eliminating the middle man.

House buyers do not require you to spend money on repairs and renovation of the house, even if your house in inundated with legal or compliance issues, these companies would still make an offer on the house. They have connections with a wide network of home renovation experts, to help repair these homes and give them a brand new look.  House buyers get discounts on bulk renovations in getting the houses repaired, and such price advantages eventually reaches the house owners by giving a competitive offer on their house.

How House Buyers Operate

House buyers make a quick inspection of the house, and roll out an offer within minutes of such an inspection, they even make an offer over the phone. Once you accept their offer, they strive to complete the sale process in the shortest time possible; sometimes in seven days, too! On realizing that working with house buyers offers so many advantages, you may be in a hurry to approach such a company and sell your house fast As Is for immediate cash. However, it is important to pick the right house buying company before taking the leap. Buying houses requires lot of cash, and not everyone can afford to close such deals quickly. Ensure that such a company has a professional office set up, and does not work out of a basement or garage. Only professional companies have sufficient funds to give cash for house.  So make sure that you work with a reliable, credible house buying company in your vicinity.

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