How to Use Direct Mail Marketing to Grow Your Real Estate Business


Direct mail marketing is still one of the best marketing methods that can get your real estate business noticed and brings leads and opportunities. While your competitors use digital marketing tools, you can use direct mail marketing to put your enticing offer on the property owner’s table.

Are you wondering how? Then read on! In this article, we go through the ways in which you can use real estate direct mail marketing to generate the maximum amount of leads.

How to Use Direct Mail Marketing to Grow Your Real Estate BusinessMailing List – the Main Ingredient of Success

You need to decide on who you want to target. This makes the mailing list an important element, as the success of direct mail marketing greatly depends on it. In the real estate business, you can find several mailing lists, each of which offers you different opportunities for buying and selling properties. Let us take a look at the specifics of these lists.

•  Pre-foreclosures

This mailing list includes people who have stopped making mortgage payments and their lender or bank has started the process of foreclosure. You can contact the homeowner and offer to help them stop the foreclosure and save their credit.

•  Expired Listings

Some of the reasons for the property not selling could be that the price was too high or there were other problems with the property that made the sale difficult. You can use this as an opportunity by purchasing the property from the motivated seller.

•  Tax Delinquent

When people are not able to pay their taxes, it means that they are facing financial difficulties. Such a person would be motivated to sell his or her property to overcome the financial difficulties.

Driving Around – Put in the Effort

Now the question is where to get this information to make the lists.

Well, you can learn about properties by driving around and looking for problems with different properties. Long grass, a public notice sign on a home, and boarded windows are some of the signs that indicate that there are problems with a property.

You can note down the addresses of these properties and search in the public records about the property owner. You can then prepare a mailing list and send the mail to the people on your list.

You can also purchase targeted mailing list from list brokers or look for information in the county records and build your own mailing list.

Sending out the Mail

Once you have a mailing list, there are a couple of things that you need to do.

•  Do A/B Testing

Using direct mail for a real estate business is different than promoting other products and services. You need to try out different mailers and track the results to find out which one works best for you.

•  How Often Should You Mail?

It is an experimental thing and you are the best judge. You can start mailing once a month or once in three months and then see what responses you get.

You can continue to mail until one of the following two things happen:

•  They sell their property to another party.

•  You buy the property.

A “No thank you” answer does not mean that there is no business opportunity. It could mean that they are not interested at the moment. Direct mail marketing in the real estate business is like a solution that lies on the table of a property owner and there might be a time when he or she will need your services. You must wait for that time and continue to work towards achieving your goal.

A Few Tips to Make It Work

•  Every marketing campaign should target a specific audience and have a main goal. The success of the direct mailing service will depend on how the audience responds to the message that reaches them.

•  Keep the content simple, but use a strong headline to make an impact.

•  The message should be concise and clear.

•  Include a promotional offer for quick responses; for example, you could include free property assessment service.

•  Offer direct contact information in the mailer.

Before you start using direct mail marketing to grow your real estate business, ensure that you chalk out a proper plan, get a targeted mailing list and tweak the different aspects of direct mail marketing to grow your real estate business.

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