8 Steps to Sell Your House in 7 Days or Less


The Many Grounds to Sell Home Fast

•  Senior citizens or retirees want to economize and scale back as it is empty nest time, the house is too big to maintain, growing health issues and as time goes, you want to make life simpler by moving into an assisted living home, move closer to your kids or better still, it could be balmy weather, here I come!

•  You may have hit a rough patch in life, lost a job, suffered losses and cannot keep up with mortgages or foreclosure is looming. In such situations, selling the house fast becomes the only recourse.

•  A change of job or sudden life changing events, necessitate instant moving, and you would want to sell the property as soon as possible.

•  You are short of time, maintenance, repairs, upkeep, upgrades, tidying up and selling your home through the time-tested traditional way may not be up your alley, and so sell house ‘As Is’ by employing the services of home buyers. They could seal the deal for you and pay you upfront cash.

•  As a bequest, if you come into a house or property, then at times it could be a trouble or even a good thing. As an asset, it is utmost welcomed. However, it could be also bothersome, as you may have to deal with many legal and financial implications. At times, you may already own another house and cannot manage two mortgages, or may have to pay taxes and engage in extensive paperwork to have it probated. At such times, the way out is to contact ‘We buy Houses’ investors directly, who will close the deal in a week and pay full cash for your house.

8 Steps to Sell Your House in 7 Days or Less

The Many Steps to Sell Your House Quickly

Do you own a property in the states of Maryland or Virginia or Washington DC? And if you are planning an immediate sale, you can do this in as little as 7 days with the help of professional house buyers.

1.  A pertinent point, that is often overlooked, is that when you are looking to sell your house fast, then you may not really look up the antecedents of the home buying company. This could have longstanding implications. Therefore, consumers should always check and verify the house buying company, make sure they are reputable, have an actual office space, and have been in the business for many years and counting.

2.  The process followed for selling your property quickly is quite easy and uncomplicated. Just log into the house buying company website, enter pertinent details in their safe, secure online form or you could even call in with all the details.

3.  Once you have made the decision to sell off your property to the house buying company based out of Maryland, Virginia, or even Washington DC, then the process moves very fast. The company does some groundwork, makes an offer, and draws up a contract.

4.  The agreement is referred to the Title Company or Escrow agents and after all paperwork is completed, in a week’s time you can have your cash for the house.

5.  When contacting house buying companies in America, banks and mortgage companies are not involved at all. You directly deal with the buyer who takes the ultimate decision.

6.  There is no vagueness or uncertainty when you sell your property for a competitive pricing to a reliable house buying company. You can close the deal swiftly.

7.  The basic 6% Real estate agent commission can also be avoided when you directly deal with house buying companies.

8.  You take the whole stress out of the ‘sell my home’ process when you take this route. All unnecessary anxiety, conciliations, compromises, and interactions can be done away with. Sell your house in a week, the stress-free way!

The Final Upshot

“Home is where the heart is” is an adage that is not always applicable in all cases. Due to compelling reasons, life-altering happenings, finances, support, time, money, practicality, downscaling or even rationalizing, keeping your first home, your dream home or even your inherited home may not be feasible at all times. To have to go through long, cumbersome ‘sell your house’ processes may be a hassle. And if ‘all roads are not leading to Rome’, then the next best and easy alternative to sell the house in as little as 7 days is to contact house buying companies in your area and go for a stress-free cash for house settlement.

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